The Gallic Language - Î Lhenváðc Dzèlc

Gallic is a Western Romance language and one of the official languages of the Kingdom of Gaul.
This page contains the basic phonology and dictionary of the language, and a more detailed grammar is soon to come.



   Front   Back 
unrounded rounded
Close   i
Open-mid  ɛ  œ  ɔ 
Open    ɑ 


   Labial Dental Alveolar Palatal-Postalveolar Velar Glottal
Nasal m   n ɲ (ŋ)  
Plosive p   t d   k  
Affricate     dz tʃ dʒ    
Fricative  f v β  θ ð s ʃ ʒ x  
Lateral     l ʎ    
Trill      r      


Character / Transliteration / IPA
a /a/
 â /ɑ(h)/
B b /β/
C c /k/, /ʃ/
CZ cz /kʃ/
D d /d/
DH dh /ð/
DZ dz /dʒ/
Ð ð /dz/
É  é /e/
È è /ɛ/
F f /f/
g /ɣ/
GZ gz /gʒ/
H h
I i /i/
j /ʒ/
K k /k/
L l /l/
LH lh /ʎ/
M m /m/
N n /n/
NH nh /ɲ/
Ó ó /o/
Ò ò /ɔ/
P p /p/
PH ph /f/
Q q /k/
R r /r/
S s /s/
T t /t/
TH th /θ/
V v, u /v/, /y/, /u/
ú /y/
ù /u/
ů /œ/
X x /x/
Y y /i/
Z z /ʃ/